This TikTok mom’s cute secret that she was keeping from her husband went viral

We’ve all been in situations where we had to change the truth a little bit to protect the feelings of someone close to us. This TikTok mom did the same thing for her husband. She says in her viral video, “Most of you already know this, but when I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband found this bear suit. He became obsessed with it, and now he dresses our daughter in it almost every day.”
After showing clips of her husband buying the outfit and her daughter wearing it, she says, “The only problem is that she grows out of it, and I haven’t had the heart to tell him that yet, so I have been secretly replacing them every month since she was a month old.”
The mom shows clips of her opening packages with the new bear suit inside and says, “Every time this happens, I just have to say, ‘Oh, it’s dirty!'” He feels very sad and says, “Aw, I’m so sad it’s gross.” Then I put it back on, and she’s back in the right-sized bear suit.”

Then, in shock, she says, “But, guys, I found out that he knows the secret!” “It’s like when you have a fish and it dies and your parents replace it before you can see it. That’s what this bear suit is like,” her husband says to the camera as he holds their daughter in her bear suit.
In the comments, people talked about their own obsessions. One person wrote, “Buy him a matching one!! Another funny person said, “She has to wear a bear suit to walk across the stage at her graduation. I don’t come up with the rules.” Someone else picked up where the first person left off and wrote, “It’s her wedding day. Dad is standing there, ready to walk her down the aisle. She shows up dressed as a bear. They get close. It’s the best day they’ve ever had.”
Other users gave the mom ideas for what to do with the clothes when her daughter outgrows them. One person wrote, “Hang them all in order on her first birthday as a decoration!” Cuter than a clothesline. We did the same thing with my son’s special clothes.” “You should buy a Build-a-Bear and put the OG bear suit on it,” said someone else.
What’s the best? We found a place where you can buy a bear suit for your baby cub to wear at home. The devil works hard, but the people on the internet who are obsessed with babies work harder.

Carter’s Baby Bear Snowsuit