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This book that Reese Witherspoon chose for her book club is going to be on Netflix, and it only costs $15 on Amazon.

It seems like we hear about a new movie based on a book almost every day, and today is no different. We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz was the book that Reese Witherspoon chose for her book club to read in August 2021. Now, thanks to Netflix, that story will be on the big screen. Now is the best time to buy this intense thriller, which is only $15 on Amazon, because the next version is about to start.

Bartz recently told People how excited she is for the Netflix version to come to life. The author of We Were Never Here told the outlet, “I wrote the book, and that was my art. Now, these people who know how to make movies are going to go do their art.” “I can’t wait to see how they change things and take it in new directions on the screen.” People have every reason to be excited about the adaptation, just like Bartz.

‘We Were Never Here’ by Andrea Bartz
$15 on

We Were Never Here is about Emily and Kristen’s trip through Chile with their backpacks and the horrible things that happen to them. Emily comes back to their hotel room late one night and finds a dead body, blood, and broken glass on the floor. Kristen tells Emily that she only hurt the male backpacker out of self-defense when she brought him back to their room. But Emily is shocked because she knows this isn’t the first time she and Kristen have covered up a crime scene.

As Emily’s trauma follows her, so do the secrets she and Kristen have kept all these years. We Were Never This is a scary story that seems like it was made to be turned into a movie. You have a lot of time before Bartz’s book comes out on Netflix, so get a copy today and start reading.