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This best-selling author and Taylor Swift fan wrote the next book your tween will love.

Even though it’s only the beginning of May, we can’t help but think about days at the beach, reading a good book and soaking up the sun. In fact, we think that this summer, everyone in the family should read the perfect page-turner to relax, and we know just the one for your tween. To Every Boy I’ve Loved Before author Jenny Han is having another one of her books turned into a TV show, and this one comes out just in time for summer. Even better, Taylor Swift gave her stamp of approval to the upcoming TV show based on Han’s 2009 novel. We think that this book is perfect for your tween. What is the name of the book, what is it about, and how can you get it for just $10? We’ll tell you everything you need to know below.
Han’s book The Summer I Turned Pretty, which came out in 2009, is expected to be the best YA book of the year. Isabel “Belly” Conklin is the main character of the story. During the winter, she counts down the days until summer, when anything can happen. This summer, Belly is going to the beach with her mom and brother, where she’ll see two friends she’s known for as long as she can remember: Conrad and Jeremiah, the sons of Belly’s mom’s longtime best friend and friends with Belly’s mom since they were babies. But this summer is different in some way. Belly finds herself in a love triangle that she didn’t see coming. Feelings start to come to the surface. This first book in Han’s trilogy sets up more growing pains for Belly in this series about kids coming of age.

If the success of Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy tells us anything, it’s that the Summer trilogy is about to get some new attention thanks to the upcoming TV show. The Summer I Turned Pretty, the first part of Han’s Summer trilogy, will be on Amazon Prime Video in June. All the characters your tween will come to know and love will come to life in a series that looks like the perfect thing to watch all at once over the summer.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ by Jenny Han
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Even better? Taylor Swift gave the adaptation her stamp of approval by releasing a new version of “This Love” in the teaser trailer for the series, which you can watch below. This is the first sign for Swifties (and we know you’re out there) that the Grammy-winning singer might be going back to her 1989 period and re-recording songs from her 2014 album.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is perfect for your tween because it has music from Swift, an exciting adaptation of Han’s best-selling book, and more. The paperback copy of the book is only $10 right now on Amazon, which is good news. So, while you’re making a list of what to bring on your summer vacation with your family, add Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty to your list (and shopping cart) before the June 17 premiere of the TV show based on the book.