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The UGG Guard is TikTok’s newest obsession, and they’re selling out fast.

You won’t believe it, but you can now shield your prized footwear from the harsh elements of winter. And I don’t just mean disinfectant spray here. UGG’s protective shields will preserve the shoes’ pristine condition. And evidently you can wear them with more than just your vintage minis or your UGG tall boots. Because they are so useful, these boot protectors have just gone viral. It’s no surprise that UGG’s security guards are selling out so quickly, given the widespread popularity of TikTok videos. Fortunately, they are still available on Zappos, but don’t expect them to stay long. Since it is officially UGG season, you should not delay in adding a pair of these protectors to your shopping basket.

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Guard UGG

UGG Guard

This slip-on protector ensures that shoe enthusiasts of all ages can take part in the season’s festivities. This silicone rubber add-on is adaptable to various shoe shapes and sizes, making it ideal for those who favor flats with a round toe. And try not to worry about feeling awkward. It can withstand heavy precipitation or snowfall without compromising its traction capabilities. Also, you may tailor your go-to fit by choosing from a wide range of sizes and colorful colors.

The protective tool, however, could be somewhat costly. One of them costs about $50. However, we assure you that they are your best option for maintaining pristine footwear.

Remember, too, that these barriers may not prevent the entire shoe from being wet. Intentionally cut short, they offer barely minimal coverage below the knees. Although, the UGG boot guard is effective in spite of this. And if you have a pair of UGGs or another pair of winter boots that you adore, you should definitely invest in this protector today.