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“The Perfect Book to Round Out the Summer” Is Reese Witherspoon’s August Pick for Her Book Club, and It’s Only $20 on Amazon.

It is officially August, which means summer is quickly coming to an end. When it’s hot outside, it can feel like the perfect time to start reading from your TBR list. But after you’ve read page-turner after page-turner, it can be hard to find new books to read. Reese Witherspoon just told her book club what to read in August, and the Allison McAllister book she suggested is only $20 on Amazon right now.
Witherspoon chose Wrong Place Wrong Time for her book club in August. It sounds like the perfect book for people who like to be scared. The self-proclaimed bookworm says in her latest Instagram video, “This book is SO good.” Witherspoon’s caption tells you everything you need to know about why you won’t be able to put this book down. So, why is Wrong Place Wrong Time the best book to read at the end of summer? Well, we’ll let Witherspoon tell you herself.

‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ by Gillian McAllister
$20.29 on

Witherspoon writes, “It’s about a mother who worries about her teenage son because he’s out late one night.” “She looks out the window right at his curfew and sees him stab a man in her front yard (!! ), but when she wakes up the next day, it’s the day before her son did the crime. She keeps going back in time to try to figure out why this happened to her son. We’re sold on this book, so don’t say anything else.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time is, as Witherspoon says at the end of her caption, “the perfect book to round out summer.” We couldn’t agree more. McAllister’s exciting book is only $20.29 on Amazon right now, and we think you won’t be sorry if you buy it. In her video, Witherspoon says, “It is such a thrilling book to read.” “I couldn’t put the book down. Get ready for the last page-turner of the summer, readers!