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The Fall Chicken Skillet from Ree Drummond is the Mess-Free, One-Pot Meal of Your Dreams.

Fall chicken skillet meal from Ree Drummond is sure to liven up your weeknight dinners. Yesterday, the Pioneer Woman presented a one-pan meal on Food Network; it has since become a staple in our home.

For the ultimate autumn meal, Ree stuffs her skillet with chicken thighs, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and cauliflower. There were subtitles available for the YouTube video.

Drummond begins by seasoning some chicken thighs before throwing them into a hot skillet. Chicken thighs are more affordable than chicken breasts, which is why Drummond loves them. Even though they are more delicious, I’ve never understood why they’re not more popular. Let’s be honest, any effort to cut expenses is appreciated.

You’ll need some chicken thighs, some spices, some Brussels sprouts, some butternut squash (she suggests purchasing it already prepared), some cauliflower, and a few other things to make this delicious meal. What’s even better? You can skip doing the dishes today (yay!) because everything goes into the skillet.

Drummond chimes in, “The flavor when this is all done is through the roof.” The chicken is a lovely golden color, and the autumnal vegetables add a burst of brightness to the dish. It’s gorgeous!

The audience agreed. The meal was deemed “really wonderful” by one diner. It’s the kind of dish that can be started on the stove the day before dinner, then finished off in the oven.