Shoppers can’t get enough of this $35 diaper bag that turns into a bassinet and changing station.

Over the past few years, diaper bags have changed a lot. Now, you don’t just have to choose between a single-strap bag that looks like a duffle bag or a bag with bright colors and cartoon characters (you know those ones). You can now buy ones with modern looks and useful features, like this one from AKSHA that turns into a place to change your baby.

The diaper bag that AKSHA has looks like a sleek backpack and can hold everything you need for diaper changes, snack time, and days when you’re on the go. The small bag has lots of pockets where you can put extra creams and diapers so you’re always ready. In addition to being a bag, it can also be used as a changing pad when there are no other ways to change a baby’s diaper. If you need to clean your baby while you are traveling or out in public, all you have to do is open up the bag.

When you unfold the bag, you don’t have to just use it as a changing table. You can also use it as a bassinet. A lot of shoppers agree that it’s a great place to take a nap at a picnic or on the beach in the afternoon.

AKSHA Backpack with Changing Station and Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Backpack

Moms are putting the bag in their carts because it has “many uses.” “You can make it longer so you can change the baby’s diaper or play on the grass or sand at the beach. I love that my husband can take it anywhere and always have a place to change the baby’s diaper close by. It’s made well, and to be honest, it’s really cute. “Love a mom of four,” said someone else who gave it five stars.
A final shopper said, “We are often on the go, going camping, to the dog park, etc., so I was looking for a portable changing station that would help keep them in place so they couldn’t easily run away while they were changing their diapers. I like that this bag can be washed and is pretty small when it’s not full, but it can still hold a lot if you need it to.
If you want to give a new mom a great gift this holiday season or just want to upgrade your own bag, make sure you get the AKSHA Diaper Bag Backpack before it sells out!