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Salma Hayek Claims This $7 Moisturizer Has Saved Her From Botox and Fillers

Most people’s first thoughts upon seeing Salma Hayek are either “she’s so skilled” or “how does she keep so youthful-looking?” Many people have blamed Botox on her, but she quickly discredits them. Due to the pervasive nature of the rumor, she addressed it in an interview with Town and Country, stating, “I haven’t done anything. I can’t even begin to describe it. In another interview, though, she discussed the secret she uses to maintain her youthful appearance.

Hayek revealed her top beauty tip to Elle in a previous interview. When it comes to burn patients in Mexico, I employ an ingredient called tepezcohuite because it totally regenerates the skin and nobody else in the United States is doing it. When I brought some of the ingredients to laboratories in the United States, the scientists there exclaimed, “Oh my god!” Why isn’t everyone making use of this? That’s why you won’t find any Botox, peels, or fillings on me.

This product has been recommended by the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard for years, and it’s now on sale for only $7.

Thanks to Indio Papago

Crème de Tepezcohuite
Creme of Tepezcohuite

The price drops to $7.03 (from $11)

Because of its high vitamin E and collagen content, the Indio Papago Crema de Tepezcohuite is an effective anti-aging cream. In order to repair burns, the bark supposedly possesses “very potent skin regenerating powers and can heal burns by stimulating healing and the creation of healthy skin,” as stated by The Derm Review. The high nutrient content of Tepezcohuite’s bark is thought to be the source of its skincare qualities. This means it could become slightly more prevalent in cosmetics stores.

As recommended by the manufacturer, this cream is to be applied all over the face and neck with your fingertips before bedtime.

With little over 1,300 ratings on Amazon, it’s still something of a hidden gem, but it’s gaining traction. The best reviewer on Amazon called it the “weirdest, most amazing skin cream” they’ve ever tried, praising its “incredible” outcomes. They went on to say, “And by morning, I was positively radiant from having used this the night before. Perfect. Dewy! What the…! Now that I use it twice a day, my skin looks fantastic. There will be no blahness over the winter. Absolutely no sallowness of middle age. With results like this, I don’t even mind the odor anymore.