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Inexpensive and effective, this kitchen tool will ensure that your air fryer always looks brand new for less than ten dollars.

Until recently, we believed that our kitchen was fully equipped. However, in recent years, we’ve made some significant strides forward. We don’t know how we survived before acquiring an air fryer, or how our lives improved with the help of our Keurig K-Cup machine so that we may always have drinkable coffee at home. In some cases, our reheated takeout pizza, wings, and french fries are even better than when we first got them thanks to our air fryer. The air fryer basket can be a real nuisance to clean, but other than that, we’ve had great success with air-frying everything from doughnut puffs to crispy Szechuan duck. Then we discovered a cheap, under-$10 attachment for the air fryer that made cleanup a breeze. Better yet? In preparation for Amazon’s Black Friday sale, the price has dropped even further.

50 Pack of Disposable Non-Stick Paper Liners for the Axiyoso Air Fryer, $6.99

It turns out that avoiding excessive dirtiness in your air fryer is the best method for cleaning it later. You know that last Thanksgiving, when your cousin tried to reheat sweet potato casserole in the air fryer basket without anything underneath it, you would have been a hero if you had had one of these disposable air fryer liner papers on available. And as anyone who’s ever tried to remove burned pizza cheese from an air fryer can attest, it’s a real pain. You’ll never have to worry about that again with this pack of 50 non-stick disposable paper air fryer liners, which has been reduced from over $10 to only $6.99. The 100-count set of air fryer basket liners is presently on sale for 65% off, so if you use your air fryer frequently (which we fully get), you can stock up at a steep discount.

Costing $15.99 for a 100-count, these disposable paper liners are ideal for use in your air fryer.

These liners can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit without compromising their integrity, have a 4.5 cm edge to keep the side of your air fryer basket clean, and are made of parchment paper, which allows hot air to circulate properly around your food without compromising its ability to become crisp and delicious.

COSORI is offering a $119.99 air fryer and oven bundle.

If you have an air fryer and these basket liners, you have everything you need to make delicious, no-hassle snacks and dinners in your new favorite kitchen appliance.

The liners have multiple uses, including in the microwave, oven, and as a steamer liner. Soup dumplings will no longer be glued to your bowls. In short, they will simplify your time in the kitchen, and for a price of less than $10, you have no excuse to not buy them.