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Iconic Hollywood actress Julia Roberts claims her famously white smile is because to a $4 pantry staple.

One of Julia Roberts’ many amazing qualities that has earned her fame in Hollywood is her infectious, unforgettable grin. Roberts, one of the most famous performers in the world, maintains a low profile when it comes to her personal beauty routine.

You might think that Roberts spends a thousand dollars a year on her teeth care routine, but that’s not the case. The Pretty Woman actor uses only one thing to maintain her Hollywood smile other than brushing. Are there any hunches you can make? What you see is baking soda.

She previously revealed to InStyle (via People) that she uses baking soda to wash her teeth. My grandpa used to load up his toothbrush with a mountain of it. His entire life, he had just one cavity. I have days where that’s the extent of my routine.

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