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A Fruity, Sweet, and Spicy Dessert That’s Easy to Make: That’s Martha Stewart’s Newest Thanksgiving Offering.

Martha Stewart’s contribution to our next Thanksgiving dinner will be a dessert that is equal parts spicy, sweet, and fruity. On November 10th, Stewart posted a shot of her new Thanksgiving dessert, which looks so good that everyone will want seconds.

With the comment, “We feel for the host or visitor faced with making the first cut into this exquisite apple slab pie: Visually, it wins first place on the dessert table,” she posted the snapshot to Instagram. How does it taste, you ask? Both the crust and the topping are created from the same batch of handmade pie dough, but the real magic happens when half of the dough is coated with sweetened cinnamon butter and rolled into a log shape before being chilled. Baking sheet packed with spiced apples is topped with the shingled rounds of dough, which are then baked till golden brown and bubbling. That’s the way to wrap things up on Thanksgiving. Follow the link in our bio to get the recipe. : @willandersonphoto.

Unbleached all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, eggs, cinnamon, kosher salt, and more go into making this delicious Thanksgiving treat. Stewart suggests using Jonagold, Cortland, Granny Smith, and Empire apples for the recipe’s apple component.

This is a really involved Thanksgiving dish, so be prepared to put in the time and effort. But have no worry; these are all quite manageable practices for you and your loved ones to adopt. The first step is to move the crust to a baking sheet, and then two hours later you can be coating the pie tops with an egg wash and some sugar.

Stewart included several helpful hints for those who wanted to recreate this pie, such as eating it on the day it was made for optimal flavor and what to do with the leftover cinnamon-swirl dough.

Here is Martha’s whole recipe for her apple slab pie with a cinnamon swirl.

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