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April’s pick for Reese Witherspoon’s book club is a “heartfelt story” about the Deaf community.
A new month means only one thing to people who love to read: it’s time for a new book! We like to think that we have a pretty good track record when it comes to suggesting new books to read. But it seems like Reese Witherspoon always has her eye on the most exciting new movies. Some of the most interesting books are in the actress and producer’s book club, including some that are about to be made into movies. Witherspoon chose a book for April that made her feel so many different things that she couldn’t even say how she felt when she finished it. Let’s dive into this heartwarming story about family, community, and making it through hard times.

“God, I can’t even begin to describe how this book made me feel,” Witherspoon said of True Biz by Sara Novi, the book she chose for her book club in April. The Oscar winner goes on to say that the book is “an eye-opening and heartfelt story about human connections and the beauty and hardships of the deaf community and culture.” It not only broke my heart, but it also taught me a lot and gave me an exciting look into a family that fights to stay together even as the outside world tries to shut them out. You shouldn’t miss it.” So, what’s the point of True Biz? We’ll tell you about the plot of the book below.

If you don’t know what “True Biz” means, it means “real talk” in American Sign Language. In True Biz, the students at River Valley School for the Deaf just want to live their lives like any other teens: passing their classes, dating, and not letting their parents, doctors, or politicians tell them what they can and can’t do with their bodies. In the book, readers meet Charlie and Austin, two students, and February, the headmistress. February is a CODA, which means she is the child of a deaf adult or adults. She is doing everything she can to keep River Valley School open, even though her own life is falling apart. When the three characters meet, they leave marks on each other that will change them forever.

True Biz shines a light on deaf culture and looks at the deep ties that hold the community in the book together. Like Witherspoon said, the book is both educational and exciting, and we think you won’t be able to put it down. You can get a copy of True Biz from Amazon right now for less than $20.

‘True Biz’ by Sara Nović
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